About Us

CrowdThnk Company Overview

CrowdThnk quantifies market-moving financial market positioning to provide clients with intelligent insights and actionable analytics to forecast the future. Realizing that market positioning metrics for financial securities are abstract and difficult to define with research analysts still subjectively analyzing disparate positioning reports, the CrowdThnk founders developed an algorithm quantifying market positioning in an unbiased manner, using Crowdsourcing, Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, aggregating both Public and Non-Public data. CrowdThnk data is also used by portfolio managers and traders to better understand market positioning to be incorporated into proprietary strategies. Over the past several years, CrowdThnk has achieved a strong forecasting accuracy for correctly signalling the direction of stocks on High Conviction Forecasts. A distinguishing feature of CrowdThnk is that it is able to quantify once-abstract and obscure positioning data with accuracy. CrowdThnk is becoming the industry standard for delivering accurate reports on stock market positioning.

CrowdThnk is a US-based quantitative analytics data firm founded in 2017 by former Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers teaming up with Big Data Quantitative Scientists. The individual domains of expertise in these complementary fields provide a unique insight into the market mechanics and practical applications in solving complex and important themes in markets. The Founders have extensive experience in the Hedge Fund and Big Data Industries, creating successful alpha-generating strategies using predictive analytics.